Games and Interactive Entertainment are the most successful and fastest-growing of the Creative Industries. In this environment, creativity meets the latest technologies, spawning cutting-edge legal and regulatory issues. More Than Just a Game (MTJG) brings together top legal and gaming experts from around the world to explore emerging challenges in the industry and to encourage and build bridges between the industry and academic research at the time in which games and interactive entertainment are facing new challenges relating to social issues, industry autonomy, and the regulation of technology. MTJG started in London in 2015 and it is now a series of events organised in a number of cities around Europe including Paris, Frankfurt, and soon Milan and Madrid. In 2018 the network of researchers, practitioners and experts linked to MTJG launched the first peer-reviewed academic journal  dedicated to Games and Interactive Entertainment Law: the ‘Interactive Entertainment Law Review’ published by Edgar Elgar .

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As a US practitioner, I look forward to going to MTJG each year to catch up on the state of the law in Europe, as well as meet practitioners from the UK, Europe and beyond.  Gaetano puts together an engaging and interactive program, making it interesting for practitioners of all levels, from law students to seasoned attorneys alike.
— Ross A. Dannenberg
More Than just a Game remains absolutely unique as the academic venue where emergent legal and regulatory issues relating to video games come to be defined, examined, and understood. It is therefore a forum that serves the interests of all who are associated with the interactive entertainment industry including game creators, fans, regulators, and government.
— Jon Festinger, Q.C.

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Organised by: Dr Gaetano Dimita and Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS), Queen Mary University of London.