More Than Just a Game is a unique series of international academic-led conferences on games and interactive entertainment law. Our events bring together some of the greatest minds in the industry including researchers, gaming experts and legal professionals to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, explore solutions and map the legal issues that must be addressed for a more appropriate understanding, promotion and protection of interactive entertainment.

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As a US practitioner, I look forward to going to MTJG each year to catch up on the state of the law in Europe, as well as meet practitioners from the UK, Europe and beyond.  Gaetano puts together an engaging and interactive program, making it interesting for practitioners of all levels, from law students to seasoned attorneys alike.
— Ross A. Dannenberg
More Than just a Game remains absolutely unique as the academic venue where emergent legal and regulatory issues relating to video games come to be defined, examined, and understood. It is therefore a forum that serves the interests of all who are associated with the interactive entertainment industry including game creators, fans, regulators, and government.
— Jon Festinger, Q.C.


The aim of the Interactive Entertainment Law Review is to serve as a peer-reviewed hub for legal analysis of interactive entertainment, video games, virtual/augmented/mixed realities, social media, and all related and emergent forms of digital interactive entertainment. The Journal is published twice a year with articles focusing on the legal changes, challenges and controversies in this high profile and increasingly critical area of legal inquiry.




Dr Gaetano Dimita
Queen Mary University of London

Professor Jon Festinger, Q.C.
Allard School of Law (UBC)
Centre for Digital Media, Canada
Queen Mary University of London

Dr Marc Mimler
Bournemouth University, UK


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Since 2016

More Than Just a Game is organised by Dr Gaetano Dimita and the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS), Queen Mary University of London.