Culture, Identities, Freedoms ... & Artificial Intelligence

5-6 April 2018

Games and Interactive Entertainment are the most successful and the fastest growing of the Creative Industries. In this environment, creativity meets the latest technologies, thereby spawning cutting-edge legal and regulatory issues. The IV edition of More than Just a Game will focus on the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Technologies on Interactive Entertainment and our Culture, Identities and Freedoms. During the two days of the conference, leading international academics, publishers, lawyers, industry experts and policy makers will discuss a wide range of legal and regulatory topics, including Intellectual Property Law, Technology, Content & Communities Regulation,  Data Protection and Privacy, Competition Law, Influencer Marketing and Loot Boxes.

Speakers will include:

  • Lord Timothy Clement-Jones, CBE
  • Mia Consalvo, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Game Studies & Design, Concordia University
  • Ross Dannenberg, Senior Partner, Banner & Witcoff
  • Andrea Dufaure, Associate, Allen & Overy
  • Konstantin Ewald, Partner, Osborne Clarke
  • Jon Festinger QC, Professor, Centre for Digital media, Allard School of Law UBC, Honorary Industry Professor, CCLS
  • Paul Gardner, Partner, Wiggin
  • Cam Gatta, Attorney, Trademarks | Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs, Microsoft
  • Sophie Goossens, Counsel, Reed Smith
  • Sean Kane, Partner, Frankfurt Kunit
  • Scott Kelly, Attorney, Banner & Witcoff
  • Andreas Lober, Partner, Beiten Burkhardt
  • Jas Purewal, Partner, Purewal & Partners
  • Arty Rajendra, Partner, Osborne Clarke
  • Chris Reed, Professor of Electronic Commerce Law, CCLS
  • Andrea Rizzi, Partner, Osborne Clarke
  • Gwilym Roberts, Partner, Kilburn & Strode
  • Sol Rogers, Founder/CEO, Rewind
  • Alexandre Rudoni, Partner, Allen & Overy
  • Tamara Sakolchyk, Business & Legal Affairs Counsel, Wargaming
  • Patrick Sweeney, Partner, IELaw
  • Anne-Sophie Uccello-James, Partner, LexCase
  • Dr Kimberly Voll, Senior Technical Designer, Riot Games
  • Dr Axel von Walter, Partner, Beiten Burkhardt
    More Than just a Game remains absolutely unique as the academic venue where emergent legal and regulatory issues relating to video games come to be defined, examined, and understood. It is therefore a forum that serves the interests of all who are associated with the interactive entertainment industry including game creators, fans, regulators, and government.
    — Jon Festinger, Q.C.
    A perfect blend of academic thought leadership and practitioners’ insights in games law.
    — Axel von Walter
    The most inspiring conference on games law.
    — Dr Andreas Lober
    As a US practitioner, I look forward to going to MTJG each year to catch up on the state of the law in Europe, as well as meet practitioners from the UK, Europe and beyond.  Gaetano puts together an engaging and interactive program, making it interesting for practitioners of all levels, from law students to seasoned attorneys alike.
    — Ross A. Dannenberg

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