More than just a game london iv programme

Culture, Identities, Freedoms … & Artificial Intelligence

5th April 2018 Ironmongers' Hall

09.00-09.45   Registration

09.45-10.00   Welcome - Dr Gaetano Dimita

10.00-11.15   Dreams, Principles and Regulation of A.I.

  • Chair: Lord Timothy Clement-Jones, CBE
  • Dr Kim Voll, Senior Technical Designer, Riot Games Thinking machines today: the limits, the possibilities, and the dreams of A.I.
  • Michael Philips, Associate General Counsel, Microsoft, Principles, Policies and Laws for a Responsible A.I.
  • Professor Chris Reed, Chair of Electronic Commerce Law, CCLS, A.I. in Gaming - Should we require transparency to achieve safety?

11.15-11.45   Coffee Break

11.45-13.00   Creativity & Inventiveness in the age of A.I.

  • Chair: Gwilym Roberts, Partner, Kilburn & Strode
  • Arty Rajendra, Partner, Osborne Clarke, A.I. and Patents
  • Sophie Goossens, Counsel. Reed Smith, A.I. and Copyright
  • Cam Gatta, Attorney, Trademarks, Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs, Microsoft, Fulfilling the Promise of A.I.: between Opportunities and I.P. Challenges

13.00-14.00   Lunch

14.00-15.15   Culture, Society & AI

  • Chair: Dimiter Gantchev, Deputy Director of the Creative Industries Division in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • Professor Jon Festinger QC, Centre for Digital media, Allard School of Law UBC, Honorary Industry Professor, CCLS Life as a Game: Legal Consequences of A.I. Individuated Media
  • Vladislav Arkhipov, Of Counsel, Dentons, and Associate Professor at St. Petersburg State University, Robots, A.I. and Virtual Reality: Shaping the Legal landscape of the Future
  • Marianna Drake, Policy and Public Affairs, UKIE

15.15-15.30   Comfort Break

15.30-16.30   Panel: Identities (A.I. Privacy & Data Protection)

  • Chair: Konstantin Ewald, Partner, Osborne Clarke
  • Paulina Smykouskaya, Data Protection Officer, Avito
  • Daria Firsava, Intellectual Property Counsel, Wargaming Group Limited
  • Rafal Kłoczko, Chief Counsel, CD Project red
  • Willy Duhen, International legal and privacy, Activision Blizzard

16.30-17.00   Coffee break

17.00-18.15   The Culture & Business of E-Sports & Streaming

  • Chair: Professor Jon Festinger QC
  • Andrea Dufaure, Associate, Allen & Overy, E-sports: A Report from Paris
  • Mia Consalvo, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Game Studies & Design, Concordia University, The Business and Culture of Live Streaming on Twitch: Evolving Paradigms
  • Scott M. Kelly, Partner, Banner & Witcoff, The Key to Key Presses: eSports Game Input Streaming and Copyright Protection

19.30-23.00   Dinner

6th april 2018 Ironmongers' Hall

10.00-10.45   Panel: Deal Trends and High Volume Transactional Segments

  • Chair: Patrick Sweeny, Partner, IELaw
  • Ryan Peterson, President, Finger Food Studios
  • Jas Purewal, Partner, Purewal & Partners

10.45-11.15   Coffee Break

11.15-12.00   Monetisation Regulation

  • Chair: Dr Maria Ioannidou, Senior Lecturer in Competition Law, CCLS
  • Andrea Rizzi, Partner, Osborne Clarke, Video Game Monetisation Strategies: Culture, Identities, Freedoms ... and Money
  • Tamara Sakolchyk, Senior Counsel, Wargaming Group Limited, Cryptocurrencies in games

12.00-12.15   Comfort Break

12.15-13.15   Panel: Loot Boxes

  • Chair: Sean F. Kane, Partner, Frankfurt Kurnit
  • Anne-Sophie Uccello James, Partner, LexCase
  • Paul Gardner, Partner, Wiggin
  • Axel Von Walter, Partner, Beiten Burkhardt

13.15-14.15   Lunch

14.15-15.45   Interactive Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law

  • Chair: Ros Lynch, Copyright and IP Enforcement Director, IPO
  • Ross Dannenberg, Senior Partner, Banner & Witcoff, 10 lawsuits that have shaped the games industry (in the US)
  • Canon Pence, General Counsel, Epic Games
  • Alexandre Rudoni, Partner, Allen & Overy
  • Juliette Auverny-Bennetot, Senior Legal Counsel, Paradox
  • Kostyantyn Lobov, Senior Associate, Harbottle & Lewis

15.45-16.15   Coffee break

16.15-17.30   Freedoms & Content regulation

  • Chair: Professor Uma Suthersanen, Professor of International Intellectual Property Law, CCLS
  • Dr Andreas Lober, Partner, Beiten Burkhardt, A brief history of banned Games
  • David Greenspan, Adjunct Professor, Santa Clara University School of Law, Content Regulation in the US Video Game Industries: Past, Present and Future
  • Leonard Bendel, Associate General Counsel, Zenimax
  • Lorenzo von Petersdorff, Legal Counsel,

17.30-17.45   Closing Remarks

18.00-20.00   Reception